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Proving Excellence in Manufacturing Generic Drugs in order to Facilitate Bioavailability

Indianapolis, Indiana
  • 26 Dec, 2016
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Millions of people use generics to treat a various medical conditions, which includes all types of infections, heart diseases and big diseases such as cancer too. VxP offers the services of generics pharma manufacturing for development process. Generics are basically nothing but the clones of the original medicines which have same pharmacological effects that are exactly as same as of their original brand-based medicine. These drugs are to be rigorously tested by FDA and their tests must prove that they are of the same composition of that original medicine with their same active ingredients, as well their dosage and quantities. We have extensive experience in developing generic medicines under strict guidelines and proper undergone tests.

VxP Pharma Services
Purdue Research Park
5225 Exploration Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46241
Phone: 3177592299
For More Info Visit: http://www.vxppharma.com/services/form-dev/bioavailability/

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